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Mar 20 15 6:14 PM

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I am very sorry to say that my good friend, Romain Baulesch, whom reenactors will know for his leadership of the Austrian forces since we first met in 1989, has passed away after a short illness, aged just 62,  leaving his wife, Margot, and two children. Those of you, who bought Ian Castle's MAA on Aspern and Wagram, will know Romain's paintings, which were actually the inspiration for osprey's battle scene in every Campaign book thereafter. Reenactors will of course know that after he saw the first Napoleonic Association trip to Austria and the Czech republic in September 1989 that he has been the driving force behind much of the bicentennial re-enactment across central Europe, especially in Italy. To me, he was always the proprietor of the "Hotel Baulesch", putting me up in return for a few beers and making all my research possible. He was an outstanding linguist, who could just switch between languages in ways that most of us Brits could not even imagine. His driving skills were such that he drove a Galaxy up the slope at Eckmuhl during a short research trip to Bavaria with myself and Ian Castle. So, as the latest of a number of well-known names have passed away during the bicentennial period, I shall end with "Ein Hoch auf Romain" (Cheers, Romain), so many will miss you. God bless.

Romain in his full Generalmajor's regalia

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Mar 20 15 8:52 PM

Mr Hollins, I know neither you nor Mr Baulesh personally, but I know the sound of close friends when I hear it; and I understand loss. He sounds like a great fellow, and a dear friend. I am sorry for the loss his passing represents to historians, the re-enactment community, and for your loss also. Who comes now, that can stand on the shoulders of giants?

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Mar 21 15 9:47 AM

Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. If anyone has found material written by me or Ian Castle interesting or helpful, then we could not have done it without Romain and his wife. His own tireless work with re-enactment also helped to promote Austria's side of the Wars and so, all that has trickled down to rules and figure makers. I was interested to see on TMP that extra Crispy/Deep Fried Happy Mice said  his top campaign now is 1809, but back in 1992, Ian was told to put the whole thing into one Osprey Campaign  'Aspern & Wagram' as  it was a "bit obscure" then!

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