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Jul 27 15 1:56 PM

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Hi guys
im seriously looking at reorganising my 15mm collection ( currently at 1:50) for GdB.
i don't really want to use 1:20 but was thinking about 1:40 or 1:30 in order to field a corp.
has anyone done this?
are there any problems I should be aware of?
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Jul 29 15 9:07 PM

Peter, i just wonder how the casualty table would work given that this is expressed in # of men firing, especially if you are at 1:40. This might need reworking.

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Aug 7 15 11:03 AM

Would it matter?
how do gamers handle it if they gave the lead up to Leipzig?
many units were only a few hundred men strong...
im open to suggestions - so please fire away!

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Aug 10 15 11:26 AM

Hi Peter,

as long as the footprint of the various sized units are represented correctly and consistently then it doesn't matter how many figures are on the bases. Just use the 1:20 unit strengths for the rosters and everything will be be just fine.
Hope that helps, most importantly have fun!

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Aug 11 15 10:46 AM

Hi Jeremy
not sure I understand...could you please elaborate - sorry!
so if I had a 24 figure unit of french, I was thinking of 6 bases of 4 figures, or for russian one base of 4 grenadiers, two half bases of skirmishes and two double bases of musketeers with two flags...
apologies for these dumb questions but after rebasing figures several times over the years, I hope this is the last time!😜

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