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Jul 17 15 8:36 AM

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Bonjour Tous,

Need some help please with this excellent scenario.

It should be emphasised that Scenario 1 is early in the day with the Austrian attack on the village of Marengo.

It is a 16-20'ish turn game and on turn 10 some Austrian reinforcements arrive consisting of Gottesheim's and Sticker's brigades commaned by Ott.

The thing is that the scenario is silent as regards where this column arrives on the battlefield.

It could arrive on the road approaching the bridge over the Fontanone stream leading to Marengo village, or, it could approach from the French bank of the Fontanone in which case it would fall on the French left flank.

Whilst understanding that Ott had been sent on a flank march it remains unclear, to me at least, whether his arrival is meant to be where he's achieved his outflanking manoevre or he is meant to be just starting it. Either interpretation is possible and histories of the battle that I've been able to access are unclear as regards this specific point as they tend to focus when Ott has already achieved his outflanking march.

Anyhow, if "Eclaireur" or some other kind chap could cast some light on this that would be great.



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Jul 18 15 5:00 PM

He would enter on the Austrian far left flank. He would be on the French side of the creek, and would move on to the table between thr creek and the road.

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Jul 18 15 6:14 PM

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your input.

I've continued investigating and found the following interesting stuff here:

"As the long hot morning passed, brutal fighting continued to rage among the clogged passages of the Fontanone and the adjoining groves and houses. Austrian Major Generals Karl Ott and Anton Elsnitz finally managed the tight passage through the bridgehead area and moved past Lannes' northern flank toward the town of Castel Ceriolo. Slowly but surely, Melas managed to crush the French right flank back on itself. All he needed was more time to develop his attacks against the sturdy defensive positions to which the French Army tenaciously clung. Back at Torre di Garofoli, increasingly desperate battle reports and the prolonged rumble of fighting in the direction of Marengo, coupled with revelations about the state of the Austrian bridgehead ¹ convinced Napoleon that Victor and Lannes were indeed facing the main Austrian Army. Once this conclusion was reached, orders of recall were immediately dispatched to the two divisions of infantry which had left the army early that morning. Only the infantry division of Major General Boudet under overall command of Lieutenant General Louis Desaix was within recall range, and those troops were still hours away."

taken from:

So, on balance I reckon that Ott arrives on game turn 10 on an "Engage" order on the road approaching the Fontanane stream.



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Aug 14 15 6:17 PM

The background ton this is that Zach thought that he had planted the idea in Nap's mind via the infamous double agent Toli that the French should advance from Sale towards Castel Ceriolo. Then, assuming that the Austrians would still be holding Marengo, their main body would advance through there and fall into the French flank. Of course, Napoleon did not fall for this part of the "plant" (although he did send Desaix off to the south)  and the French had taken control of the village the night before.

So, once Ott was across he moved up towards Castel Ceriolo and evicted Monnier shortly after 3pm. He then sent cavalry scouts from the Lobkowitz dragoons off down the Sale road and they came back with nothing. The fundamental difference between Nap's command system and the Austrian one was that the Austrians issued multiple copies of the whole plan whereas N only told his senior commanders what they needed to know. Ott thus knew that the basis of Zach's plan was wrong, so he sent a message back to that effect and, having sent  Gottesheim down towards the main French position, especially Lannes, then arranged the Schellenberg column  to march south.     

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