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Oct 28 15 7:09 PM

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Hi guys,
A couple of questions as regards the British Brigade Skirmish Screen;

1.) British Companies are 3-4 figures each. When assigning the Light Company to the screen what size do most players consider the normal size for the Lt.Company, 3 or 4 figures?

2.) I've read a couple of things on the 'net that state that the Grenadier Companies were often deployed as skirmishers too. In game terms would this be a reasonable thing to do or was it an exceptional occurence and not really justified?


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Oct 29 15 10:43 AM

I think that your skirmishers are based on a base 2 x 2 miniatures, in that case it would be easy to put 2 bases of 2 miniatures each in front or your battalion.

Brigade screen with only 4 miniatures would be nearly impossible ?  
In that case i should use a light infantry battalion.


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Oct 29 15 5:46 PM

The average British infantry company was about 80 men. This could be more or less depending upon attrition and reinforcements. So, with a GdeB ratio of 20 to 1,  would give you 4  figures per company. Also note that most British battalions endeavored to keep their flank companies at full strength at the expense of the line companies.

I base my British light companies on individual 20 x 20mm mteal bases that fit onto a 40 x 40 mm company magnetic base. This permits a simple deployment of the light company figures onto a skirmish stand.

Re grenadiers as skirmishers; as general rule no but there are historical exceptions. For example during the War of 1812 Canadian militia flank companies (the best trained from the battalion) sometimes used their grenadiers as skirmishers. Again, as has been stated this was a rare occurrence.


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Oct 29 15 7:47 PM

So a 30 figure battalion in the points values would in fact require an additional purchase of 4 light infantry figures to represent the detached Light Company which is depicted in skirmish formation as per the note on page 163 of the Deluxe Rules.

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Oct 30 15 10:50 PM

A 30 figure British battalion would only have 3 light infantry figures. You can either use the 3 man stand or buy 3 more figures and put them on a skirmish base 90mm wide by 25mm deep. Same thing for grenadiers.

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Oct 31 15 11:11 AM

I think im inclined to go with your post Iron Duke as most 3 Battalion Brigades in the Wellington's Victories book are fronted by 12 skirmishers i.e. 4 figs/Battalion. I have also read elsewhere about Battalions keeping their Flank Companies at strength.
Cheers for the replies guys!

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Nov 11 15 3:36 AM

Ordinary British infantry companies are 3 figures, 3 wide and 1 deep.  10 make a 30 man battalion.  Since players almost always play with the British battalions deployed two ranks deep (the first two ranks of figures are allowed to fire), many people playing GdB have been putting two British companies on a single base, 3 wide and 2 deep. However, you cannot do this with the entire battalion if you wish to be able to detach the light company.

Brigades usually have 3 or 4 battalions, which would create a maximum battalion screen 5 to 7 stands wide.  This will only cover the width of one British battalion deployed in line.  So a British brigade screen of light companies only is usually not good enough.  Hence the use of companies from Rifle and Light regiments in skirmish order (and Brunswicker skirmishers in Spain) independent of the brigade's OB.

The reference to 4 figure stands in British units refers to the better units such as the Guards, the Highlanders, and the Light Infantry, which suffered fewer losses to desertion and such, and were able to stay closer to their paper strength.  So one of these battalions can be as large as 40 figures.  The figures are mounted 4 wide and 1 deep, and again, the light stand (company) must be mounted separately so that it can skirmish.

- Chris Salander

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Feb 8 16 7:12 PM

Just discovered the solution to the problem. On page 31 (Deluxe Rules) note b says "(Alternatively, if your British battalions have two companies mounted together on a single base then allow one base of figures per battalion to deploy as skirmishers)" So my 30 man battalion deploys 6 skirmishers (one base) and becomes a 24 man battalion :)

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