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Aug 25 15 8:34 PM

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It seems to me that light troops (Jaegers, rifles, legere, and the like) were trained to move and fight in looser formation than the 22" file to file touching elbows.  I would think that they could travel through woods and rough terrain at a much greater speed than line troops and would also have better effectiveness, as measured by morale bonuses or lack of firing/melee decreases when firing in woods.   I was wondering what type of modifications other players may have made to represent these abilities.
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Aug 26 15 10:35 AM

I have not looked at it specifically for a while, but I recall that light troops deployed in open formations (as opposed to close order) are treated differently for negotiating terrain features like woods and BUA.


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Aug 27 15 6:17 AM


As Beresford says all the items you mentioned in the rules either in the "Skirmishers" chapter or the rules relevant to movement or firing.

They work well.

Interested to hear what you think.



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Aug 28 15 2:25 PM

I see in the delux edition that open order moves 15 cm (close order is 10cm); therefore in difficult terrain the open order would move 7.5cm compared to 5cm.

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Nov 11 15 4:34 AM

As far as spacing goes, light infantry stands that are skirmishing can be deployed with gaps between them, not exceeding one stand in width.  This allows you to represent the loose spacing of light troops without basing them differently from your other figures (which would cause problems if you used them en masse.)

- Chris Salander

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Apr 5 16 6:13 PM

I usually move light infantry battalions in open order (on stands half base width spacing in two ranks) at column speed with skirmishers out front screening (on stands a base width apart) at skirmish movement, which I believe is the same as column. I don't have access to my GdeB Deluxe rules but I believe the aforementioned movement rates are correct.

I also believe that skirmishers are not subject to any movement restrictions through woods.

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