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Jul 4 15 12:37 PM

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We are playing the attack of D'Erlons corps scenario tomorrow. One of the main victory conditions is control of the ridge east of the farm, but there is nothing in the description that explains exactly what that means. Do the French only have to clear the hedges and sandpit? Do they have to clear it all the way to the crestline?What have the people who have played this scenario done? We could use some help.

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Jul 4 15 7:43 PM

Hi Bill,

Just happened to have Scenario Book 1 on my desk so I've had a quick look.

Agree that "control of the ridge..." is not defined specifically so would suggest that it just means that the French have cleared all the British of that part of the ridge and now hold it.

Reckon that that would do as any British if they had been foreced to retreat would have retreated right off the table so they'd not be coming back!



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Jul 5 15 1:11 AM

Hi Paul,

I guess pushing the British off the ridge up to and including the crestline will have to do as control. Our table is 12' wide by 7' deep. Lots of depth. We are using 28/30 mm figures. Big figures need a big table. Thanks for the input.


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Nov 11 15 4:47 AM

For the Waterloo ridge we have a styrofoam ridge with a back slope as well as a front slope, which define the limits of the ridge.  With that, we base control of the ridge on who has the most figures on the ridge.

- Chris Salander

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