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Jan 27 13 3:28 AM

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Hello, I have just returned to Napoleonics wargaming after a 20 years absence. I have a preference for 20mm metal figures. Which manufacturer of this scale of figures does anyone recommend? Also, the General de Brigade movement and firing distances are specified for 15mm and 28mm figures. The 20mm range obviously falls between these specifications. Which of these specifications would you recommend for 20mm figures?
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Jan 27 13 4:29 PM

Unless you already have a lot invested in 20mm, I recommend that you rebuild using 15mm or 28mm.

Although one person in our napoleonic/War of 1812 wargaming group has 20mm (the rest of us have 15 and 28mm), he readily admits that he should have made the switch over five years ago but he now has too much invested in 20mm. He also states that as time goes by it gets increasing more difficult to find manufacturuers of 20mm figures.

As to 15mm versus 28mm it is a matter of preference based on a myriad of differences and I am sure many observers will pop up with their preferences. I chose 28mm because they are large enough to be little works of art (eye candy) and small enough to wargame in a divison versus division level, which fits into my War of 1812 period.

Welcome back to miniature war gaming.

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Feb 2 13 9:48 PM

20 mm figs

Hi IronDuke,
As many of the popular 15mm ranges (AB, Fantassin, are there others?) are actually closer to 18mm, you might find that 20mm figs work reasonably with the 15mm scale rules. Certainly the lower end of the figure frontage (9-12mm per figure for foot, is sufficiently generous for even the larger AB figures I employ. I would suspect that the basing frontage for 25mm figures ( which I believe to be closer to 28mm in the more popular ranges) might leave your figures looking a little scattered on the bases, rather than a more realistic close order appearance (which we all admire!).


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Feb 16 13 6:31 PM

Thanks Beresford.

I have actually gone and bought some 18mm metal figures - a mixture of AB/Eureka/Fantassin and Campaign Game Miniatures - for the Waterloo era.
I am now looking at painting them using Vallejo paints and am currently trying to get information on which Vallejo paint refs. to use.

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Feb 18 13 10:06 AM

Hi John,
there is no shortage of painting scheme suggestions on this forum. Just use the search function (there is still a search function isn't there??) for your preferred nationality or unit, and you will find a wealth of knowledge, experience, and conjecture. The last two make up for any shortfall in the first. If that does not work, just ask! Or, browse the internet or gallery for figures you like the look of, and then ask the owner what he used!


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Nov 11 15 5:08 AM

I use 20mm figures.  I use the 25mm numbers, parly because I am a Yank and like the inches.  Also, because the distances come out to values that were common in older sets of rules that I am used to (6", 12").

Sources of 20mm Napoleonic figures:  1. Irregular Miniatures   2. Newline Design (smaller)   3. Kennington  (part of SHQ)  
4. RSM  ( (contact Chris von Fahnestock at Outland Games for the Russians and Prussians)
5. Scruby 25mm - made by Historifigs (   Qualiticast, It Figures, Hinton Hunt, Der Kriegspielers, Les Higgins, etc., are gone.

- Chris Salander


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