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Jan 21 16 3:59 PM

I want it!
When it will be available from Caliver Books?

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Feb 5 16 9:26 PM

Looking forward to this one, we've got plans to run through as many of the new scenarios as we can over the next few months.

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Feb 16 16 11:29 AM


Got my copy today and have already had a quick look at Lutzen.

Really keen to try some of these but will need to do a quick figures audit to see if I have to resort to substitutions - which I hate!

Already know I've not got Badeners, Wurtembergers and, surprisingly, I don't even have any Prussian Leib Garde or Grenadiers.

I look forward to seeing some accounts of the scenarios being played.



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Mar 10 16 5:39 AM

Received my copy today from Caliver books.

Outstanding once again Dave - always an event to look forward to and I have no doubt this will be well received by the entire GdB fraternity globally.

Now, when is that 100 days scenario book coming out?smiley: laugh



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