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Jan 11 16 10:43 PM

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Hello all, I've finally taken the plunge into napoleonics and these rules. I'm starting with the Young Guard (apt really) and I'm using the Waterloo oob for a guide thought in fact I'll probably to something to do with 1812 or 1813. Am I right in thinking that the YG battalions were split into four companies? Also with skirmishes, at they from the Guard divisions, i.e the volutaigers? Cheers for any help.
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Jan 12 16 11:18 AM

Welcome YG,

You're starting a great adventure!

The Young Guard are an interesting choice but are reasonably complicated in their establishment over time.

A search of TMP will be a good place to start and I've just found this thread:

I've got four battalions of "Waterloo" YG which are deliberately under-strength at 4 companies of 6 figures each instead of full strength at four companies of 8 figures each.

They are 28mm Perry figures and look just splendid as the examples here show:

GDB is a great set of rules and I hope that you have many an enjoyable game.



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Mar 7 16 4:17 AM

All of the companies in all of the French Guard battalions were trained to act as skirmishers. You can treat Guard battalions as light battalions. Old, Middle, and Young. It could be argued that the men recruited into the Young Guard in 1815 (and at some other times) were so poorly trained that they might not have been able to operate that way. The four Young Guard regiments started the campaign at 1000 to 1200 men each. 24 to 30 figures per battalion.

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Jun 19 16 1:24 PM

Sorry for the late reply but I've had a break from gaming, but now I'm eager to get back into it! With basing general do all units, no matter the number of figs, have to have the same frontage? So would a 36 and 24 fig both be say 180mm?

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Jun 19 16 4:58 PM


Welcome back.

I'd vary the frontage to reflect the size of the unit.

The rules give examples.



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Jul 5 16 7:08 PM

Cheers Paul. In terms of other French brigades where to the skirmishers come from? For instance a brigade consists of 3x 24 fig battalions with 12 skirmishers. Do these chaps come from the 3 battalions? Iff so, should each battalion be 5 companies with the light company acting as the brigade screen?

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Jul 6 16 6:46 AM


You are correct,in a Brigade of 3 x 24 each Btn could be expected to deploy 4 as 'skirmishers' giving the Brigade the 12 man 4th unit.
I have found that wherever possible the inclusion of a Legere unit is preferable to deploying men from Btns especially one so weak as you are using,casualties in the skirmish line are taken from the Command bases not from the front line so maximising effect plus they can be recalled back to their parent unit and reform if required.
I agree re status of Young Guard units at various times,very much Cannon Fodder when Middle and Old Guard where to be preserved.
Good Luck

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