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Apr 7 16 11:50 AM

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Good evening gentlemen. I am planning a few bits and pieces and cannot seem to find the information I am looking for. Just how many battalions of Pavlov Grenadiers were there in the regiment and just as importantly, how many wore the old style mitre cap? My research indicates three battalions and all three however my sources are sketchy at best. Thanks in advance Carlo
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Apr 18 16 6:24 PM

Hi Carlo

formal organisation was 3 battalions but only 2 (1st and 3rd) in the field (2nd at depot). - as for most regiments. All with mitre caps until 1914.
Hope that helps.
Have fun, Clive

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Apr 24 16 5:42 PM

According to Russian Organization the Pavlov Regiment was formed in 3 Batallions - 1 Grenadier and 2 Musketeer (1 actring as depot) but I am not sure it was reformed in 1810-1811

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Apr 26 16 8:24 PM

They reorganised into mixed battalions in 1811, i.e. a grenadier company in each battalion.

Only two battalions are recorded as serving in 1st Grenadier Division in 1812 and I can't see the Elite Company from their depot battalion in any of the Combined Grenadier units. However, I may have missed it.

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Apr 27 16 1:15 PM

I have been researching the battle of Polotsk. An internet search for images of the battle brought up a painting by Peter von Hess showing a column of Russian grenadiers in mitres charging some unfortunate fellows in red coats, possibly Swiss. This could suggest that components of the depot battalion fought with Wittgenstein's Corps. 

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May 6 16 1:43 AM

Thanks for all your assistance on this gentlemen.

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