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Jun 2 16 12:57 PM

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Better late than never, here is part 2 of this see-saw action! It saw my fragile nerves under terrible strain!
Hope you enjoy my pain at;-

Best wishes,

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Jun 2 16 3:20 PM

Hi Jeremy,

What can I say?!!

I just love your games and the extravagance of the number of figures on the tables.

How many players are there commanding all these troops?

How long did it/will it to fight this battle?

I admire your vision of course but even more your stamina.

Good sense of humour too.

Once again, thanks for sharing.



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Jun 2 16 8:48 PM

Epic looking table!
The skirmishers on hexagonal bases - I presume this is to force a dispersed look no matter how they are positioned? Is this something a lot of you do?

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Jun 4 16 7:22 PM

Hi Paul,

there are only four Marauders so that's a lot of kit each, just how we like it!
This one took a few weeks, possibly 6 or 7? We get in about 4-5 hours each Thursday night.
Many thanks for commenting, so generously,
Best wishes,

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Jun 4 16 7:25 PM

Hi John C.

the hex thing I copied from a picture I saw somewhere, it works & gives some space for creative basing.
Not all of our skirmishers are based thus, in fact I have run out now. 
Cheers for commenting,

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Jun 12 16 3:54 AM

At last...  The house is quiet, chores are largely done, and I've sat down with a mug of tea for the latest installment from the Marauders.

Thrilling read, and spectacular photography Jeremy.  That Vanity Fair course has paid off for you!
I'd be interested to know why the Prussians in the centre were averse to forming square, or even masses (as I thought they were trained to).  Landwehr receiving one cavalry charge in line is unlucky, two is just sloppy, but three....?

Nicely matched text to the photos.  The photos give a real sense of the visual extravaganza - how wargames should look.  The figures are a treat also.  The thing I envy most though (and I'm not ordinarily given to envy) is that you get to catch up with your regular mates weekly to indulge this way.  Thank you for being so generous in sharing what is obviously a good time!


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Jun 27 16 9:49 PM

Hi Beresford,

many thanks for taking the time to cover so much, glad you found the time to comment.
Why the Prussian LDW took the beating in line Chris will have to answer, although the position was held by them.

You mention something very close my heart, the opportunity to play with my mates each & every week. 
It sometimes takes some effort or even sacrifice to make it, even then sometimes we are one or two short but not often. 
For some of us it's glorious escapism from business & life, for all of us a glorious pleasure.

A great part of the enjoyment derived from this hobby is creating these posts, even if rarely, so feedback & comment is very much appreciated, here & elsewhere.

Best wishes,


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