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Jun 2 16 9:54 AM

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Received my rule book yesterday. I've managed an initial browse and I must say I'm quite impressed. It's very well presented, nicely laid out with some great pics.
the main thing that struck me is the spirit in which it seems to be written. I come from the "Flames of War" community, which is full of rules lawyers that have resulted in the rule book having to cover every conceivable situation, whereas these rules suggests to me that my friends and I will be having more enjoyable games with less cheesy play.
I will add that this is my first foray into Naploeonic gaming. I've come to the party very late, after 35 years of playing other periods, so please stand by for the barrage of questions that are inevitably in the pipe line!!

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Jun 2 16 3:25 PM

Hi John,

Questions always welcome with many helpful chaps here to answer them.

We sometimes even agree with one another on what the answer should be!



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