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Sep 17 16 8:50 AM

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I love Bob Marrion's uniform paintings in the Deluxe Edition but it is frustrating that the units he depicts aren't identified.  Is there a list anywhere that gives details of which units are represented?  Failing that, can someone identify the chap on p. 87 (Chapter 12 - Morale) who is wearing a diced Kilmarnock cap and a red uniform with black facings?
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Sep 17 16 9:34 AM

That's the uniform of the 42nd Highlanders or Black Watch. We've no list of the uniforms as such - but I'm sure the sages on here and the other forums could help

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Sep 17 16 10:45 AM

Thanks EC. I was confused about the Highlander because the colour reproduction makes the facings look black (I assume they are meant to be blue).

It is a lovely book, by the way.  I haven't played yet - I am still assembling my armies - but it is a pleasure to read.  (And as an aside I shall be following your suggestion of adding a goat to the command stand of the 23rd. I thought that was a great idea)

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Sep 18 16 9:47 AM

No problem :-) And glad you like the rule book. And the goat idea! The 42nd was a royal regiment and that meant dark blue facings. While they could vary in shade due to wear or strong sunlight the correct shade is pretty dark. This contrasts with the mid-blue adopted by many of the loyalist regiments.

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Sep 19 16 8:28 AM

Thanks EC,

I didn't know that about the loyalist regiments. I hadn't been planning to do any red-faced-blue loyalists because I thought they would be indistinguishable from line regiments but now I know I can give them mid-blue facings to differentiate them from the Royal regiments I can add them to the wish list.

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Nov 19 16 10:36 PM

Another factor to bear in mind with Loyalist units, is that a "royal" title did not automatically confer blue facings (of either shade) - for example, the two regiments with Burgoyne (Jessup's and Peters' corps - the King's and WQueen's Loyal Rangers) both had deep green facings to their red coats, whilst the King's American Regiment had olive green.

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Nov 21 16 11:19 AM

Further to my previous reply, here is a description of all the plates in the deluxe rulebook (British, unless stated otherwise):-=10ptFront cover/title page - 43rd Foot, grenadier company private, 1775 (actually taken from a "Times" wall poster for the Bicentennial)
=10ptChapter 1 - Prinz Ludwig Dragoons (Brunswick), trooper (dismounted), 1777
Chapter 2 - 16th Light Dragoons, officer, pre-1776 (they are now thought to have worn the Tarleton in America)
Chapter 3 - 2nd Continental Light Dragoons, trooper, 1778/79 ( actually now thought to not be their pre-1779 uniform)
Chapter 4 - Fusilier Regt von Dittfurth (Hesse CasseL), grenadier, 1776-1783
Chapter 5 - 57th Regt of Foot, battalion company officer, 1775
Chapter 6 - Pennsylvania State Marines, date uncertain
(page 42) - Infantry Regt Prinz Friedrich (Brunswick), musketeer company private, 1777
Chapter 7 - Feldjager (Hesse Cassel), mounted companies trooper, 1777-83
Chapter 8 - Butler's Rangers, any rank, 1779 onwards
Chapter 9 - Continental Corps of Light Infantry (New England regiment), private, 1779 onwards
Chapter 10 - Unknown unit, probably early war Continental sans uniform
(page 74) - Continental Rifleman, early war
Chapter 11 - Rhode Island Train of Artillery, officer, 1775
Chapter 12 - 42nd Foot, battalion company, private, post-1776 (kilt replaced with overalls)
(page 91) -   Musketeer Regt Riedesel (Brunswick), company officer, 1777
Chapter 13 - Soissonnais Regt,(France), fusilier company private, post-1778
Chapter 14 - Royal Regt of Artillery, company officer, 1775-1782 (white lining to coat after that)
Chapter 15 - Haslet's/Hall's Delaware Regt (Continental), private 1776 (unlikely the helmet was ever worn, more likely cocked hat)
Scenario 1 - 64th Foot, battalion company private, 1775
Scenario 2 - 6th Virginia Line (Continental), battlion company sergeant, 1777
Scenario 3 - 10th Foot, light company private 1775
Scenario 4 - US Regular Infantry, War of 1812
Back Cover - 2nd Rhode Island Regt (Continental), battalion company corporal, 1777 

Hope that helps!

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Dec 3 16 3:01 PM

Thanks for the reply Baron,

It is great to have all the plates identified. Thanks also for the suggestions about Loyalist units. I think I am going to end up with more Loyalists than regulars in my army.

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