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Jan 5 17 11:38 PM

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Hi everyone,
here we go again- the basing dilemma!
i have both Union and csa armies in 15mm ready to be based and have a number of rule sets ( regimental f&f, johnny reb, across a deadly field, guns at gettysburg and Pickett's charge). I should also state that what I have based is in single rank but that's not a hindrance/ deal breaker for me.
it looks like there are two basing conventions - single rank ( eg 25mm wide by 20mm deep for 3 infantry ) or double rank (25mm square for 4 inf in two ranks).
a number of rule sets state that basing doesn't matter but I'm not sure..
so for all you acw gamers out there, which basing is the most popular and offers the most flexibility? 
I am keen to try Pickett's charge rule set as it seems to capture the historical nuances while allowing you to game large battles. Can single basing work with this set?
so any advice/ input will be welcome!
cheers and happy new year to you all
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Jan 6 17 6:17 AM

Number of figures per base, and whether they are two rank or one makes no difference. I've played games with both.

The number of bases merely determines the size of the unit; 3-4 Small, 5-6 Standard 7-10 Large, but other than that has little impact. Obviously, if possible, it's perhaps better to have similar basing concepts on both sides. However, we've played games with a mixture and it has made no difference as both use a 1" frontage per base. Even then I'd say if slightly different it would make minimal difference.

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Jan 6 17 6:20 AM

If you are going to play F&F/RF&F then base for that as you can use it for PC. My own collection was for TFL 'They Couldn't Hit an Elephant' hence I stuck with 1" square for 4 figs.

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