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Jan 30 17 4:32 PM

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Last Saturday the Border Reivers Wargames Society held another all-day gaming session. Again using 'Pickett's Charge'.

We decided it might be an idea to refight a fictional scenario; the same one we ran this time last year from the 'Black Powder' rule-book and see how it played out compared to the BP rule-set (with club amendments).

So 'Daybreak at Hangman's Creek' was laid out exactly as it was last January and battle commenced....

The scenario has Union forces encamped on or near the table edge and are surprised by a Confederate division appearing on the opposite side of the table at daybreak.The Union forces must rouse their brigade commanders and get their respective brigades in position soon enough to frustrate the Confederate attempt to take the objectives of town, foundry and Union camp.

It all hinges on fast, decisive movement by the Confederates, hopefully aided by Union dilatory dice-rolls.However - on the day it was the Confederate forces that proved dilatory - getting 'hesitant' rolls time after time (even with staff-officer re-rolls!) and the Union generals were fast and decisive - Heck!

You may gather I was on the Confederate side again!

Still, we might have achieved at least a token victory if we could just have taken that Union camp...

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