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Feb 1 17 4:39 PM

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Four of us just played our first game and one question that arose was in regard to troops shooting out of buildings. A union regiment marched past a farm complex that contained a six-element Confederate regiment. At the very most the Rebs would have been able to fire from 1 1/2 sides of the farm's base given the firing arc of 45 degrees. However the other two farm base sides were within their own side's battle line so didn't require defending.  So could all six Confederate elements fire or is there a limit per side? In other words can all occupants of a BUA rush to one or two base sides and fire away?

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General de Division

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Feb 2 17 5:37 PM


Just fit the figures around the farm base (or area) as you wish - those that can engage the enemy may do so. 

There's no rules covering such things as "garrisons" as farms were generally too small or too open to defend in this manner, so just treat farms as areas of rough ground/cover.


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Feb 3 17 11:21 AM

Most farm buildings were made of wood and didn't offer a great deal of protection. There are of course some notable exceptions as stone houses. There was not much defense of farms etc in the civil war for this very reason. Mostly farms were good for sheltering in the basement .

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