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Feb 27 17 3:57 PM

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Another recent talking point from a game for which we'd appreciate some clarification.

Pinkerton Staff Officer Tasking.

Can you use a Pinkerton (Mosby, if you like) against a Faltering enemy brigade which passes its Faltering Brigade test?

Page 29 Restrictions mentions using it only against an enemy brigade currently obeying orders (i.e. enemy brigade successfully passes its Faltering Brigade test, but obviously not against a Tuckered out brigade). However, the passage goes on to say "Therefore, the worst result possible is always Hesitant".

Now, if the enemy brigade IS allowed to be forced to re-roll, as its opposing player uses a Pinkerton, the worst possible result would be a 1 equally Withdrawl if Elite or Catawumptiously Chewed Up if Veterna, Regular or Green.

So, it a nutshell again can you use a Pinkerton against a brigade which successfully passes its Falter test?



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General de Division

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Feb 28 17 8:39 AM


You can use it against a brigade that has successfully passed its Faltering brigade test - but the worst result will still be Hesitant, (because the brigade has effectively already rallied up, and won't break even though you are throwing some further confusion into the mix).

I thought it was far too harsh for a Pinkerton to allow a complete Faltering brigade re-roll - after all, then everyone would do that all the time!


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