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Mar 26 17 11:19 AM

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Hi there, 
we're getting to grips with this new ruleset now, I think you'll love them once released, as they are perfect for BIG games in my view.
It's picture heavy, enjoy at...

Please comment here or on the blog, best wishes,


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Mar 26 17 10:29 PM

Quite the figure fest! I get to play in a game of that scale maybe once a year and I'm usually exhausted at their conclusion. Happy but exhausted. Thumbsup

I look forward to the further narrative and pictures.

And please be careful of those figure trays that are protruding past the edge of tables. They worry me!!  Cute  Yay

von Peter himself

Scrutinise the bloggy barracks of von Peter himself at

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Mar 27 17 1:05 PM

Hi Von Peter,

we'll be careful, they worry me too. Thanks for commenting, it's much appreciated.

Best wishes


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