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Feb 10 17 6:01 PM

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Did the French Empire use balloons during the wars?
Does anybody have balloons in their wargaming armies?
Thank in advance 
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Feb 13 17 9:00 PM

The Montgolfier brothers invented them in 1784.
Did the French use a balloon at Valmy or maybe even later.
What was Napoleons take on using balloons?
For sighting the enemy, maybe recon 

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Feb 14 17 6:22 AM


Napoleon was keen on submarines,perhaps !!!!!
I do know that when Balloons where used in the ACW it was thought it was cutting edge stuff but then that was 50 years after Naps Wars.
Not sure if relevant to the tabletop,perhaps as a "what if" scenario ??

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Feb 14 17 7:56 PM

Did they use them in our great civil war?
i haven't seen that before!
Just for your information you keep using the word "where" for "were" in your posts, makes it mighty confusing reading
Thank you kindly

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Mar 5 17 11:49 AM

A brief history of the French balloon corps, including its battles. It was disbanded in 1799, although the 1e Compagnie soldiered on in Egypt until the final surrender in 1801.

There were no balloonists in the French army during the Napoleonic period.

In terms of the ACW, balloons were deployed by Union forces at Fredericksburg in 1863. One of the foreign observers attached to McClellan's army, who witnessed the use of balloons and assisted in the launch of one, was a certain Count von Zeppelin.

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Apr 9 17 12:14 PM

I wrote an article in Age of Napoleon mag No.22 (1997) about all this, which was nicely illustrated too. The surviving balloon is now in the HGM in Vienna, having been captured deflated at Wurzburg in September 1796. There is a painting in one of the ceiling corners at the HGM of Charles and his staff examining it, a copy of which is also to the right of the balloon.

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Apr 10 17 3:32 PM

Soooo - rejected submarines, rejected aerial observation?  Not much of a military thinker, old Boney, was he?

[Yes, that was a joke, but I'm half inclined to put it on TMP to bait one of our mutual "friends".]

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