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Apr 18 17 3:44 PM

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What are the negatives, in regards the rest of the brigade, to attaching a brigadier to a unit?  I can't find any.  Have I missed something?

This seems to have no effect upon Command Radius for example.


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Apr 19 17 9:50 AM


You are correct - there are none! (Keeping the rules simple and all that. Wink02)

I have included a Risk to General in the Napoleonic version - so you might wish to use the below:

Risk to General: Attached generals are at risk in the heat of combat therefore an attached general must roll 2D6 if:

a) Attached to lead unit and lost a charge combat with a Retire or Whipped result or

b) Attached to unit and lost a melee.

2 =  Your general, in a most craven fashion, surrenders to the first man who will accept his sword. Your Brigade Falters!

3 - 9 = No effect.

10-12 = Your general is shot through by the opposing regiments crack shot! Your Brigade Falters!


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Apr 19 17 11:03 AM

Well thank heck for that.  I've been trawling the rules thinking there must be a downside in there somewhere but couldn't find one.

Risk to General.   I'm going to nab that for our Pickett's Charge games.  Thanks for that Dave.

I might also fiddle the Command radius from 30cm to 15cm, just to make it nastier....

It's all about the narrative for me and these tweaks really help the game take on a life of it's own.



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Apr 19 17 9:07 PM

So no chance of a general to go down gloriously while winning? Do I smell a house rule?!  smiley: happy

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