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May 22 17 6:04 PM

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Just set up first game. Bavarians (with some Wurttembergers) vs Austrians near Abensberg April 1809.

View from southern end of the field (Table is 8X5, figures are 18mm):


The village of Niederumsdorf is bottom right. The edge of Biburg is by the river Abens. Plenty of woodland and a few hills at the southern end of the battlefield. There were many more villages in real life. 

Bavarians are to the west (left); Austrians to the east. In the north eastern corner some of Lanne's French corps can be seen. These guys are not involved in the game. Just a reminder that the Austrians (V Corps) are outflanked and need to delay the Bavarians long enough to secure an escape towards Niederumelsdorf.

Austrian objective; hold Niedeumelsdorf and the road to the South East. Bavarian objective; force all Austrians from the field. The game is based loosely on one in the new Et Sans Resultat campaign book "The First Battle Lost" which is packed with really useful info - although I don't have the ESR rules. 

From the north end:

The forces - Austrian:

Korps commander (division for our purposes here) Ludwig with his four ADC's and required tokens.


Tiny brigade of a grenz battalion and an uhlan regiment under Radetsky.

Another tiny brigade - Grenz and Hussars under Mesko de Felso-Kusinyi. I am rating these as line, horse as campaign cavalry.

A brigade with two battalions of line, a battery (limbered) and a regiment of dragoons - rated battle cavalry. Commanded by Hammer.

This is Reuss-Plausen's Brigade (Division). Two Austrian line battalions, two large Hungarian battalions and a battery. This brigade will start the game in reserve.

The Bavarians and their allies:

Lefebvre is in command with his four ADCs waiting for orders.

Ludwig's brigade has four battalions of line and a battery.
Hugel has a light and a jager battalion  (Wurrtemberg) deployed as skirmishers plus a battery.
Wrede has four line battalions, a light battalion and a battery.
A mixed brigade of a Bavarian dragoon regiment and some Wurttemberg horse jagers completes the Bavarian force.
These are the French troops of Lanne's corps providing decoration for the North east corner.

The game is ready to go. I am very poor at taking pictures during games. Possibly give a summary at some point.
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May 22 17 8:41 PM

A nice introduction to the game and forces involved. I look forward to watching the game progress.

And I too think that your ADC markers are quite the nifty idea.

von Peter himself

Scrutinise the bloggy barracks of von Peter himself at

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May 23 17 7:44 AM

First Game - Set up

The Game.

Well I lost. But it was a good experience.

Brief synopsis.

Cavalry at the southern end of the field had an all game to and fro. Bavarian dragons were routed early but the wurttembergers held two Austrian regiments until the end.

To the north the Bavarians used "forwards" taskings to get onto the Austrian flank. The large Austrian brigade reacted fairly well and was pushing them back by the end. Austrian casualties were high, large battalions kept them in the fight.

The centre was interesting. Here the Bavarians had a strong skirmish screen; four bases from the line units and 12 from three light battalions. The Austrian brigade only had two battalions and so could not produce a skirmish screen. Unopposed skirmishes are nasty! They gradually whittled away my two units. The Austrians advanced and gave them volleys only to get poor fire discipline results. Eventually an infantry assault by fresh Bavarian line units drove the Austrians from the field with ease.

The large Austrian brigade that was pushing their opponents back was outflanked. The Austrians could not fulfil their objective and conceded.


Wow! This really works. It felt Napoleonic. Episodic, impulsy (I know that's not a word).

Cavalry swirled around each other as they should. Infantry charging guns suffered. Skirmishes are awesome if unopposed. The skirmisher interaction is like a game within a game.

I don't think we got anything majorly wrong. Helped by having played Pickett's Charge a few times, watching Dave's videos and briefly watching the salute game.

We mostly worked from the reference sheets. Demoralised and Faltering got us a little confused but it became clear with another read.

So, until further notice General D'Armee will be our Napoleonic rules of choice.

I did take a few pictures:


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