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May 21 17 9:28 PM

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I am the happy recipient of an email from a certain Peter Richard Clarke ...
  • saying that my advance order for General d'Armee has been despatched
  • containing a pdf of the rules.

The physical rule booklet and accompanying tokens have quite a journey ahead of them to New Zealand but everything seems to be progressing splendidly. Many thanks to all involved.


von Peter himself

Scrutinise the bloggy barracks of von Peter himself at

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May 22 17 4:09 AM

Great post and heading Peter.

I too have received my pdf and await the same advance order winding its way to Australia, though at least the West coast of our vast continent and not as far as the North Island of New Zealand!

I have to say that these rules have me as excited for napoleonic's as I have been in a very long time which is strange as I have enjoyed GdB for what seems like decades now. 

Should be a wonderful napoleonic's wargaming year.



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May 22 17 8:47 AM

My book arrived Saturday (I am in the UK). First game Sunday (solo). Played very smoothly. I have played Pickets Charge a few times so this helped; and I have watched Dave's videos.

I set up a version of the battle of Abensberg. In turn one some Bavarian dragoons clattered over a bridge, Austrian Uhlans charged them (Bavarians on narrow front -1), the dragoons legged it (routed) due to massive difference in dice rolls. That made me chuckle to myself right from the start. After that the Bavarians could not get through the streets of Biburg due to poor command rolls.

I called it after about 5 moves. Will reset the game for my regular Monday game with my mate Stuart.

One thing comes to mind. At this battle all of the leaders were pretty poor, some were really really poor (Ludwig for the Bavarians, most of the Austrians). If I represent them all as poor then I think the game will bog down with too many hesitant brigades. As all are poor I think I will treat most as "Commissariat" (they get standard one ADC per Brigade) and treat the really poor brigade leaders as poor for tasks other than "Brigade Attachment". They then need extra ADC's for other tasks. This should make the poor brigade leaders suitably stubborn and in need of the corps commanders attention.

Will try to produce a report with pictures.

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