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Jun 9 17 11:08 AM

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in a reason game I charged an unformed  French line in a wood with 2 Prussian columns ,started 4 cm apart with a support column behind each. I inadvertently got into a mass column at 3cm point .French fire inflicts 3 hits and a DT . Do both lead units take a DT ? we took a DT for both , passed. Charge out come Volley and unformed . Game is 6mm Adler figs.
daft question, do columns firing at BUA only suffer half  casualties rounded down ?
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General de Division

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Jun 9 17 12:38 PM


1. Generally in a charge only the lead attack unit with take the D/T. (Sometimes, if only say a support can be hit, then the support will take the D/T.) (See points 7 & 8 p45 & p82.)

2. Columns vs. BUA = -1 for firing at cover, then half casualties as target is a Garrison, then halved again as you are in column. (It's designed to discourage unnecessary firing against BUA's.smiley: wink)

Hope that helps.


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