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Mar 6 09 8:15 PM

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As promised, here is a quick picture of my first Prussian Battalion:


Figures are Foundry (with Castaway standard bearer) - very quickly painted and based 6 to a 50mm square base.

I like the look - not how I usually paint but I've got 15 more battalions to paint, plus the same number for the French, so it has to be fast! :-)

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Dec 23 09 9:40 AM

they look great well done
it takes me ages to paint anythign so if you have a fast technique that produces results like that then stick with it
as regards flags i know the helion website gives details of when flags were issued and they also produce their own
i understood it that most of the flags had not been reissued since the napoleonic wars so many were in a poor state of repair, which may explain the above comment about not carrying them. having said that you could always get napoleonic ones and tatty them up to look old
however all paintings of the era show unfurled colours which may suggest (if we ignore artistic license) that they were carried in battle
besides they do look so good

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