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#101 [url]

Jan 31 13 11:23 AM

Thanks, guys! :-)


And I begin new project after Towarczyc.. soon, I hope, may present first photos..

Take the Tea and come again tomorrow..

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#117 [url]

Apr 16 13 5:11 PM

"Can I ask why you painted the third one with different eye colours? "
Hard to answer.. smiley: smile
I try simplified painting here.. for sale.

And now I may offer these Murat's.. if someone want – go and claim.
First 20 gets his Murat's immediately, but others must wait for next castings..

I don't know, how big the demand may be.. and handcasting takes so many time, so I limit itself with 20 sets at first.


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#120 [url]

Nov 30 13 12:54 PM

A nice mix of poses there, Sho, giving the group a lot of 'character'. Admire the sculpting and painting skills!

Bryce Allen

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