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Nov 13 09 10:11 AM

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Hi All,
I have a question regarding Unformed units, the rule states that a unformed unit may only fire if fired on .so in my example a Union regiment fires on a Conf unformed unit which returns fire. In the following turn the Conf player wins the intiative and moves first,does this mean that the Conf unformed unit would be able to fire first.


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Nov 14 09 9:35 AM

Carlo, in the situation you describe, if the Confederate unformed unit spends the entire Movement Phase reforming--e.g., it does not move--then yes, it would be eligible to fire in the Fire Phase, as their side has the initiative.

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Sep 29 16 12:36 PM


If any unit who is unformed and reforms in the movement phase cannot fire in the firing phase as it takes a full turn to reform irespective of who wins inititive.

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