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Nov 17 09 11:50 AM

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Is there any provision in the rules for troops firing whilst prone? we are about to try our first game in this period and despite several read throughs I cannot see any such rules.
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General de Division

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Dec 30 09 10:14 AM


Unable to help specificly as all my books are in storeage!

However - as a stop gap - you may wish to utilise the Guns at Gettysburg ruling - which allows prone units to fire at half effect.


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Jan 16 10 12:42 PM

going prone

My observation on this would be fire half effect if breech loaders, full effect if bolt action and once at half effect with muzzle loaders ( I did experiment once with my old brown bess, it is not impossible but very very awkward and I am 6'6''). This would cater for the advance in fire arms technology.

Let me know what you think.



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