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Feb 22 10 3:54 AM

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I have the colors for the center of the pompom, but what is the color of the pompom?
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Feb 23 10 3:16 AM

Thanks, but I only saw the line regiment colors for pompoms. I'm looking for the jager colors for 1812. According to my sources, the 1st battalion pompom centers were white, but they didn't give a base color for the pompom. Were the base colors the same as for the line ?

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Feb 23 10 8:54 AM

According to regulations of 11/23/1809 similarly with linear regiments (infantry and grenadier).

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Feb 23 10 2:30 PM

As panzerkonig says, the 22 February 1811 directive made pompon and swordknot colours the same for all branches of infantry: grenadiers, musketeers, and jgers. Read it for yourself, in Mark Conrad's translation of A. V. Viskovatov's seminal work, A Historical Description of the Clothing and Arms of the Russian Army - Vol. 10b - Grenadiers, Musketeers, Jgers, Marines, and Carabiniers 1801-1825 (publ. 1851), found here:

"Assumptions" are dangerous things to make when it comes to uniforms; your 'source' for white pompon centres on 1st battalions may be referring to the practices prior to 1811, in which case you'll need to review the above in detail for the specific pre-1811 year in question.[/i]

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Feb 23 10 5:43 PM

Colleagues from our club have prompted

1st battalion. A white oval. The green centre.
2nd battalion. A green oval. The yellow centre.
3rd battalion. A red oval. The yellow centre.
2nd battalion was considered "reserve"/"depo" and in operations, except a grenadier company, did not accept participation. Its problem included preparation of recruits and replenishment of operating units. The grenadier company of the second battalion joined in structure of svodno-grenadier divisions.
If there is an interest can ask a question at our club forum
All own English language more or less well.

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Feb 25 10 10:56 AM

This image is taken from the book O. Leonov and I. Kibovsky "300 years of Russians Marines". Leonov, Kibovsky and Ulyanov is actually a Russian leading historians of the period of the Napoleonic wars. They have written many books about the Russian army in the time of Alexander I. The first volume of the book, you can download here

From all the Russian authors their books are considered the most accurate and historically correct. Please do not think of us wrongly in regard to the observance of copyright (on the reference to the book). We respect the laws. But ... the information should be available

Best regards,

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Feb 25 10 11:46 AM


Thanks very much, looks excellent, but download interupted and it is now an error message, shouldn't have mentioned the "C" word

Regards, Gary

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