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Sep 26 10 8:05 AM

Got mine to NZ via Caliver Books, got a bit worried when thay said they were running low!
A top notch production DB
Well done

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Sep 27 10 8:48 PM

Scenario table sizes???

Got mine too. Very pretty and nice to see all the amendments and new developments in one volume. Two slight critiques though.

1) The scenario maps still don't have a scale or show what size table they should be played on.

So the question is, what size table would be required for running these battles in 15mm and 25mm?

2) Lots of pretty photo's, but only a few come with captions explaining what they are illustrating.

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Oct 5 10 10:45 PM

John snaps to attention and salutes Mr. Brown for a first rate, well written, wonderful rule book. I am more impressed with General de Brigade Deluxe Edition than anything in wargaming that I have ever seen before. Stunning. Absolutely stunning! I am proud to own this book. It makes you want to read it!

If you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance;
Riddle 'em with bullets!

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Jun 12 11 2:40 PM

We all had ours a while now and are very happy.
The index is excellent,,, well done..

If at first you dont succeed, BURN THE DICE!

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Feb 2 12 1:13 AM

Any merchants in Canada selling the new rule book?

Light Dragoons

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May 6 12 8:46 PM

I got my copy of General de Brigade de luxe edition a few days ago, and have now read it a few times, although not yet played a game.

My first impression is that it is much better than the old 1st edition which I bought many years ago, although never played. Rules I particularly like include:

1.2 - differentiation of infantry frontage in 2 or 3 ranks and base depths kept to minimum.

2.4 - superior & inferior cavalry mounts.

2.7 - limitations on massed columns.

2.13 - historically correct British temporary light battalions.

6 - range of simple orders with unambiguous orders cards.

8.10A - large units taking longer to change formation.

8.16 - detaching cavalry squadrons.

10.18 - infantry holding fire v charging cavalry.

16.2 - cavalry charges by squadron.

I do have the odd query so will post those separately.


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May 9 14 5:04 AM

Always best mate - Dave Ryan is pretty good and generally always has stock - postage is always the killer to us here in the Antipodes but what can you do?
Good luck anyway


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