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Oct 5 10 9:02 AM

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Last July we played the battle, so indicated in the scenarios book n.2. The battle ended early when a prussian unit routed, the Column failed the morale test and retired disorder near town of Saalfeldprussians were pushed to edge table. No one wanted continue the battle because retained scenario not balanced and impossibile to win for prussian player.
In August we played the same battle using From Valmy to Waterloo OOB, where prussian force was divided in 3 Brigades instead of 2 column.
The battle was played in about 10 hours (16 turns), prussians some times was in trouble, but won with a lot of luck (a brigade in front of Cresten village passed brigade test 9 times manteining secure prussian east front), centre and left was defended from other two brigades. French force was ingaged on the hill in front at Saalfeld at the begin of battle earning time and space

We suggest this OOB for prussian:

BEVILAQUAS Brigade (6 units):
Elector Rgt - 2 x 24 fig 2nd line
Xaviers Rgt - 2 x 24 fig 2nd line
Kurfust Rgt - 2 x 2 fig 2nd line

VON PELETS Brigade (7 units):
Fusiliers Ruhle - 1 x 32 fig Line
Fusiliers Rabenau - 1 x 32 fig Line
Fusiliers Von Pelet - 1 x 32 fig Line
Jagers 1 x 12 fig Line
4pdr Foot Artillery 3 guns 2nd class - Line
4pdr Horse Artillery - 2 guns Vet
Saxon Hussars 18 fig Line

SCHIMMELPFENNINGS Brigade (6 units):
Clement Rgt - 2 x 24 fig 2nd Line
Von Muflig Rgt - 2 x 24 fig Line
Saxon Hussars 18 fig Line
Prussian Hussars 24 fig Elite
6pdr Foot Artillery 4 guns Line

No other was changed of the scenario.
Enjoy this battlenow is playable and both may win!
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Oct 5 10 3:49 PM

Hi Gio,

I've done something similar for this scenario, but it is slightly different from your suggested breakdown -

C-in-C Prinz Ludwig of Prussia

Brigade Rabenau
Rabenau Fusiliers (32) {Line}
Ruhle Fusiliers (32) {Line}
Fusilier Schutzen (Rifles) (8 ) {Line}
8 Jaegers (Rifles) (8 ) {Line}
Foot battery 4x6lb

Prussian Hussars (30) {Line}

Optional - they can split into 1x12 and 1x18

1/2 horse battery Gauze - 2 x 6lb

Brigade Tuschwitz
Saxon Hussars (30) {Elite}

Optional - they can split into 1x12 and 1x18

Brigade Belaquiva
I/Kurfust (32) {2nd Line}
II/Kurfust (32) {2nd Line}

I/Clemens (32) {2nd Line}
II/Clemens (32) {2nd Line}

I/Xavier (32) {2nd Line}
II/Xavier (32) {2nd Line}

I/Muffling (32) {Line}
II/Muffling (32) {Line}

Battery Hoyer - 4 x 4lb
Schutzen (Muskets) (8 ) {Line}
Schutzen (Muskets) (8 ) {Line}

The idea of the two columns is from one of the turn of the century German accounts of the Battle, so it hasn't just been plucked from mid-air. However a look at some of the maps of the battle show that troops in the same brigade (i.e. column) were at opposite end of the battlefield. I've left out the Von Pelet Fusiliers for this reason, they were holding the bridge at Blankenburg. I suppose they could be an optional inclusion, with the other 1/2 battery and the rest of the Prussian Hussars, but I can hear the French players squealing already

I am also starting to think that the performance of the Saxon Infantry might not justify them being rated 2nd Line - there is a quote from Bernadotte written just after the battle in a report which praises their efforts (quoted in Sauzey, which I think is still only in French), plus all the Saxon troops were volunteers, and keen enough to do their bit - Pince Louis asks for volunteers from a Saxon battalion to form a skirmish screen after the Schutzen are dispersed, which was Prussian practice - being unknown to the Saxons, the whole battalion stepped forward. I wonder just how much we might be influenced by the SYW here, the Saxons weren't unwilling or compelled into the Prussian alliance, and the disputes over lack of supplies was at Jena, not here. They may very well not have liked the alliance much on an individual level, but I'm not sure how far that would go in making them less effective or enthusiastic, plus I'm not sure that on a general level the Prussian units were uniformly a grade better.

I did consider making the Muffling IR and Clements into a seperate Brigade as you have above, but eventually decided against it - there were a number of individual Battalion actions, but in game terms the 2nd infantry brigade gives the Prussians too much flexibility in my view. Obviously you do what you think fits best.

I'd also make them all 32 figures strong, all units were up to strength for the opening of hosilities, there had been no heavy marches or engagements, so I think it unlikely that they would be reduced by 30% this early in the campaign. I've always meant to go back and have another look at Saalfeld (and Schleiz) after the Bressonnet book came out, must get to it some time soon.

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