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Apr 9 11 1:23 PM

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I figured this has been posted already but I couldn't seem to find it.
Anyway I starting to organize my French before painting them for 9 company battalions. Looking at ORBATS for Jena and Auerstadt these are some big battalions. So I'm thinking of building these as 6 figure companies totalling 54 figures, this way I can also paint some extra elites to also use them as 6 company 36 figure battalions, or I could just mount them as 4-8 figure blocks (2 companies per stand, including the Grenadiers) and then have the Voltiguers seperate (I loose some flexibility this way though). Anyone else go through this and how did you end up basing them?
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Apr 10 11 2:46 PM

I took the view that since an awful lot of the French battalions will rate as Veteran or Elite, 54 figures is too powerful. In fact 48s are pretty lethal as well, but I went down the line of having some based as 8 figures per stand and some as 6 figures per stand, and mixed and matched to suit the scenario.

I am of the opinion that skirmishers were almost always deployed and that the detached voltigeurs, (and the additional elite coys from the depot battalions which took the field in large numbers in 1806) were less of a battalion resource but more of a regimental or brigade resource; so e.g. a 4 battalion brigade would be 4 x 32 formed and 2x8 skirmish units.

A 48 figure battalion I would form as 8 stand of 6 figures and have any numbers left over as part of the skirmish screen.

By basing a 36 in this way it also allows a column to represent the 2x4 configuration (an 8 figure base is 2 companies/peletons side by side).

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