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Sep 20 11 1:18 PM

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I'm just planning a brigade of Saxons to bulk out my Frenchies for 1813 and wanted to check my understanding of battalion organisation.

Line - 4 companies per battalion (32 figs) and DO have an ability to skirmish with third rank in the German style (half of one company 4 figs) with reduced abilities to skirmish so 2D6 per 8 figs?

Light battalions - 4 companies, half strength can skirmish. 2D6 per 6 or 8?

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Sep 20 11 5:14 PM

I don't think Saxon infantry was particularly good. After, to be kind a laclustre performance in 1809 they began to adopt French style tactics from 1810. I think it would be rasonable to allow a limited ability with third rank skirmishers. Except for trained jagers definatelly 2nd rate skirmishers. For 1813 I would seriusly consider a 2nd rate rating for all Saxon skirmishers. In terms of rating infantry Conscrip ratings would suit most troops but better quality regimens might rate a 2nd Line. They still had some very reasonanle cavalry.

For 1813 most armies in Central Europe tended to be conscript types anyway so everyone is about as good (or bad) as everyone else.

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General de Division

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Sep 29 11 12:07 PM


I'd also go with that.

Ordinary Saxon skimishers from Line battalions will be 2nd rate.

Saxon Light infantry battalions either 1st rate or 2nd rate - more likely to be 2nd rate by 1813.


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Sep 29 11 6:45 PM

I don't think the were particularly good in 1809either being, accoerding to Gill "remarkably resistent to reform ( German Allies P251) and with tactics that had hardly changed from the Seven Years War so I would go for the 2nd Rate skirmisher option throghout the period with the possible exception of the 1812 jagers who probably shoulf fall to 2nd rate in 1813.

Saxon infantry sholud, I think, fight under the linear doctrine rules in 1809 and adopt French tactics from 1810

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Sep 30 11 2:37 PM

First class in 1806; Combined Schutzen/Light Battalion first class in 1809, 3rd rank 2nd class; all 1st class in 1812; all 2nd class in 1813.

My opinion of course - YVMV

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