Mar 29 12 6:32 PM

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The question of TAYG's applicability for colonials was raised some time ago. Obviously I'd like to raise it again concerning the French campaigns in West Africa aka Western Sudan. The cast of characters:
French-locally recruited tirailleurs, spahis and gunners, all with European cadres;
Natives-A significant quantity of infantry units drilled by tirailleur deserters to the point that they responded to bugle calls and could fire (ragged) volleys (some seem to have been better-drilled than others);
Tribal militia-some units armed with rifle muskets, some with a mix of bows and spears (they have little desire to be there);
Note if needed, the militia could be organized as all-bow and all-spear units.
Periodically a mountain battery was present.
Can analogues for these worthies be found?
It would be especially helpful if the rule book provided for an ambush scenario.