Apr 8 13 8:05 PM

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Battlegroup Panzergrenadier is a great rules set for 15mm scenario based games and I’ve had a lot of fun with it over the past year. Still, during repeated game play with a wargaming buddy, a few things jumped out that wanted tweaking.  There is no perfect set of rules and anyone who knows me understands I’ve never been shy about adding variant or optional rules to any game.  After assembling a number of tweaks into a two-page handy reference sheet for game use, I was amazed at how little was changed in the rules but what a difference they made to game play. Nothing in the original game mechanic was changed, just additional tweaks.  It came to me that they would work well as an optional “add-on” to anyone playing the game.  Therefore, I named them the “Stirring The Pot” Optional Rules, assembled them into a file, and posted it on the BGPG Boardgamegeek page (Files Area) for players to download and consider.




What are the main additions that the “Stirring The Pot” Optional Rules offer?

- Game play closer to 1:1 since one AFV, artillery, AT gun, and mortar = one model or stand.  And one infantry stand = one squad, weapons team, tripod MG, command, HQ, observer, or sniper.

- LMGs and squad AT special weapons are discrete attachments (with individual stands if desired).

- A Terrain Table takes all the guesswork out of the relationship between the Movement, LOS, and Cover effects for each type of terrain.

- Replaced Built Up Areas with individual buildings.

- Suppressed units are now harder to hit.

- Infantry units can now take damage which makes them weaker and more vulnerable.

- AFV strength is reduced in close assaults.

- Area Fire and Smoke for larger caliber guns (artillery and AFV main guns) when Direct Fired.

- Possibility of damage to the winner of a close assault.


If you find any of these ideas interesting to try in your BGPG games, please check out the file for the details.  Many of these optional rules were used in the Detailed Example of Play AAR session reports for the “Across The Pronia” scenario also posted on Boardgamegeek. Hope you enjoy some of these optional rules, or at least some of the ideas and assessment that went into their generation.


Thanks - Gary