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Dec 15 13 4:34 PM

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Some scenarios have been prepared and I think it's worth getting together a fourth book of them - something I never thought I'd say image The ones that are already in/ under preparation:
Bennington, Aug 1777
Whitemarsh, Dec 1777
Briar Creek, Mar 1779
Stono Ferry, Jun 1779
Springfield, Jun 1780
Storming of Yorktown Redoubts, Oct 1781.

As many of you will know, I like to have a varied selection in each book: big and small; something French; something Saratoga! Some of the other runners and riders might be: the planned British assault on Dorchester Heights 1775; Wayne's attack on Stoney Point; Tarleton's raid on Blackstocks Plantation; and Green Springs during the 1781 Virginia campaign. I'm totally not convinced about these. The Dorchester one is a another 'what if' and both the Whitemarsh and Springfield ones already have an element of allowing you to expand what was historically a limited engagement into a bigger battle. Stoney Point is similar in scale and its basic premise (Patriot assault on crown prepared position) to Stono Ferry.
So let's have your ideas...

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Dec 16 13 9:21 PM

I have been looking at the potential of Pell's Point (aka Pelham Manor), October 1776.  This was a rearguard action fought by Glover's brigade against the Anglo-German "Reserve" under Cornwallis during the amphibious landings along the east side of Manhattan Island.  The aim was to outflank the outposts of Washington's army and cut him off from the ferry at Kingsbridge, trapping him on Manhattan.  Glover had three weak regiments, plus his own and a few guns in reserve.  As with Haarlem Heights, American historians have made a bit of a meal out of what was really nothing more than a "shoot and fall back" action, with mis-interpretation of the Anglo-German orbat multiplying a few battalions of converged units into a cast of thousands.  Nevertheless, at 1:5, there is something very playable in this IMO, with the watermeadows forcing the British light infantry and some Hessian grenadiers to keep close to the single road, and Glover's brigade "hopping" backwards from one stone wall to the next.  Just to keep things interesting, there's a narrow causeway and a dismantled bridge across a steepish-sided valley, which Glover's men have to get back across before a couple of British grenadier battalions arrive via a flank march.


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Dec 19 13 8:12 PM

I know we are concentrating on properly historical scenarios but could I mention that I am more than happy to play "what if's" that have an historical basis; I mentioned "The Battle in the Clouds" when this topic came up on TMP. Let's face it, the one shortage in the AWI were big set piece battles so the potential for "what if" Clinton had got off his a**e and pursued Washinton and the French went they went after Cornwallis is very appealing. 

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Dec 21 13 11:27 AM

Couldn't agree with Paul more. Nothing wrong with What If scenarios if they have a plausible historical basis.

Great news about the fourth Scenarios book. Particularly looking forward to the Bennington and Whitemarsh scenarios. 


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Dec 22 13 4:10 PM

Yes, the 'what ifs' can be good fun. The options are broadly to take an action that began but didn't escalate into something bigger (Whitemarsh and Springfield) or one that didn't even get that far but was a planned action of potentially strategic importance such as the Gloucester Point break out battle or the storming of Dorchester Heights.
Having mentioned these specific examples - two of which have been written up for SB4 (Whitemarsh and Springfield) and one of which was in a previous scenario book - it's apparent that we can have them, I just don't want too many! A few years back the central London wargames club ran a Battle of the Clouds scenario at Salute and I cordially invited them to submit it for a scenario book - but they came over all shy and I never heard back from them,

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Dec 25 13 2:17 PM

Von Hesh wrote:

Sounds good .smiley: happy

I'll bring the figs you sort the OrBat out and we can do it at the club in a few week if  you like ?

see you soon dave.v

Hello Dave V and Kev L,

Hope you're both having a good Xmas (I can still remember what it was like having sproglets around on the big day - no matter how much I drink.....smiley: sick ).

I've already arranged to play this one (Pell's Point) with Paul Marsh on 18 January - because it's relatively small, we're hoping to get it done twice in the afternoon.  You're welcome to come along, but it really is only a 2-player game max. so if you've got better offers for games, I'd go with them for that day.

However, if you two are up for it, I could try out the Bennington scenario with you on 1 February, which is a long Saturday.  The orbat's a bit unusual, what with Indians, dismounted Dragoons, and a couple of rifle groups, but you should be able to cover everything between the two of you I would think.

I'll PM you on the WWS website as well, to make sure you are aware.



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Dec 25 13 5:59 PM

No need to hit the "what-ifs" yet, there's still the 2nd Anglo-Maratha War in India to deal with that was being fought at the same time, which also included the French. And just to add interest a certain sergeant called Bernadotte was captured out there.

Merry Chrimbo

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Dec 29 13 8:02 PM

Any chance of including the Appendix A points system that was omitted from the Deluxe rules please?


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Dec 31 13 3:15 AM

Dear Eclaireur et al

I'm an old Napoleonic fan but love this period since early 90's, and favour late, Southern Campaign - so any new scenarios are great by me (Race to the Dan battles ?). I'm long on collecting/ painting but short on playing experience so welcome any opportunity and new well-thought-through scenarios.
Anyone playing and based in Kent (SE UK, not USA) - please get in touch so I can obtain more experience and understand the rules better before before I make a rtght fool of myself at some of the Br Gren big games ?!

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Dec 31 13 2:40 PM

Andy that's a good point about points system it would be handy to have ..(,If you do need points table I did put one on this forum many moons ago )

Do you think we could see some  War of 1812 battles in the rules ,Battlle of North Point is a nice size game have played it a few time and I think it would fit in nicely ?

and  From  the Big smiley: grin Lundy's lane to the small battle of Thames river  smiley: happy   

Happy gaming all Dave.v

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Jan 3 14 5:08 PM

Some good suggestions since I last looked!
- I will attempt to get the points system in there.
- John Ingham please contact me by PM since my old email address for you no longer works. Let's talk about an Indian battle. Or indeed get you to do another southern campaigns one!

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