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Sep 1 14 9:09 AM

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Hi all
i am about to start basing my 15mm OG armies and was wondering what base sizes do people use.
I really like "Fat Wally's" posts- but can't tell the base sizes.
Any help would be welcome!
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Sep 1 14 12:43 PM

Thank you. Here's how I base for DKK with OG figures.


CO inf - 4 figs on a 25 x 25mm base
OO inf - 2 figs on a 25 x 25mm base
Mtd - 2 figs on a 25 x 30mm base
Cossacks - 2 figs on a 30 x 40 base
Art - 1 gun and 4 crew on a 40 x 50 base

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Sep 4 14 10:33 PM

I have mine based like this;
25x30mm bases for foot and horse
foot are 6 to a stand, skirmishers are 3 to a stand
horse are 2 to a stand
Like most rules as long as everyone is based the same there usually isn't an issue.

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