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Nov 22 14 4:42 PM

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I never did limbers for my Nap's but trying to do it for my SYW armies

Looking for some help on number of horse per pound gun and where drivers typically sat.

I "think" I am right in two horse is typical for a 4 lbr and 4 horse for 8-12 lbrs?

I would have thought the drivers would be mounted on the lead horses, but I saw a period painting of an Austrian Driver mounted on rear horse with reins to the lead horse.  Was it different for different countries?

Thanks for any help


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Dec 1 14 6:24 AM

We use 2 horses for the small guns (although mostly battalion guns are incorporated in our battalions so have no limbers). 

Other guns have 4 horses. We have some siege guns with 6 horses.
All have dismounted drivers (only Prussian horse artillery have mounted ones I thought)

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Dec 2 14 11:44 AM

All good, I was just trying to find out how other did it. I have a wealth of info on Nap era Artillery, but not as much about SYW era


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May 17 15 2:37 AM

So for my Austrian limbers am I right in assuming that almost anything goes as far as riders on the limber teams goes? Ie for say a 4 or six horse team I could have one rider on the front left or rear left horse or a rider on each left horse like Napoleonic teams or no rider at all with someone leaing the team on foot?

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Jun 30 15 4:24 AM

Also am I correct in assuming that during the 7YW Austrian limber drivers/riders were still contracted civilians and that therefore I can paint them anyway I want?

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Jul 11 15 7:37 PM

Afaik most drivers in the Prussian service were civilians. The same in the austrian army. It is possible that drivers received a military coat to be clothed in more uniform way

I have some four pictures of Austrian drivers of 1762. 
First team is drawing a gun, second time a ponton, third time a field bakery and the fourth time a wagon with provisions.
Except in the case of the bakery, there are four horses and the driver is on the rear left horse, the bakery is pulled by three horses (front one, rear two and the driver is on the left rear horse)

The drivers of the first two (gun and ponton) is wearing grey coats with yellow collar and cuffs but grey turnbacks, straw trousers and black boots. The black tricorn has yellow lacing. The pontoon rider has a yellow band (brassard?) around the arm with black austrian eagle
The other two drivers have blue uniform and yellow cuffs, turnbacks and collar, black tricorn with yellow lace, strawcoloured toursers and black boots. Both have yellow brassards with black eagle

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Jul 14 15 3:16 AM

Thankyou your grace this gives me something to work with.

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