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Jan 3 15 7:26 PM

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To show you that I do not only critize the Kriegskunst rules but also use them for games I want to give you an AAR of my last battle Shortly after Christmas I invited a friend who owns the rules but not sufficent troops. I lend him half of my army and prepared a battlefield of my liking.Jägersdorf on the right will be defended by 9 bataillons, 3 guns and three regiment under the command of marechal de Lachs, representing my Imagi-nation Knobelland.
imageimageMy opponent so far has no nation, so let´s call it the prussian army. 12 btaillons with 4 guns and three regiment of cavalry. The plan of my opponent was obvious, his strong right Flügel was supposed to crush everything in front of it.

  His force was so strong that he had to deploy it in a deep formation, nonetheless his attack took so much room that he also faced my grenadiers defending Jägersdorf.There was little doubt that my left wing would be crushed. He also attacked my center, held by a medium batterie and my guard brigadeimage , and my right wing with the Langstrumpf brigade, screened by the attached Chasseurs de l´orange (this is the view from the Prussian side)image

The Cavalry clashed
in front of my Weihnachtsbaum.image Both hussars unit routed, showing the supremacy of metal over plastic. His right wing went in strong, but the infantry did not wait for his artillery, so after we exchanged our first volleys he casualty rate was rather low.imageIn front of Jägersdorf the attacking troops suffered heavily from the Kartätschen fire (we split the fire of the battery cause it made more sense to us).
image The bataillon of light Infantry in line formation engaged the Chasseurs, and their accurate fire killed two skirmishers. Much to their surprise that made the Langstrumpf brigade leave their position. For their surprising success they will receiving a hopefully good looking flag. Actually the Langstrumpf brigade was ordered to move to a new position behind Jägersdorf, as the left flank of the Knobelland army was pushed back.image The brigade Roi had suffered alarming losses,imageimage while the dragoons only had their skimishers engaged. Nonetheless they were the first to move away from the enemy getting caught in column formation.image When all hope was lost the Prussian suffered a severe settback: a unit dispersed due to the heavy gun fire and the grenades thrown by the defenders of Jägersdorf (grenadiers from Frontranks WSS line)image

, and the whole brigade retreated 18“.


In the center of the battlefield another unit perished,

and while their comrades continued to fight, the commander was shocked by the sight of the massacre (actually it was quite late), so he ordered a general withdrawl. 

We both used the Prussian rules for command changes and movement, it was much more fun this way.

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Jan 19 15 12:05 AM

a good day for plastic

On January 18th I played the next DKK game, my son placed the sparse terrain and my guest and i made sketches of our deployment. We both concentrated our cavalry on our left flanks, so on both wings the cavalry faced only pedestrians as opponents

My opponent changed the order for the hussar/line cavalry brigade, so it charged the first bataillons of my guard brigadeimage

What a disgrace: the only thing that saved the flag of my guard bataillon was the fact that the hussars crashed into the gun battery in their pursuit.

Bye,bye guns


My Mousquetaires de la Garde crushed some skirmishers


My opponent then wheeled his grenadiers and killed two Mousquetaires, but was charged by plastic hussars. He lost that bataillons even though it refused its flank.image

The infantry combat was inconclusiveimage

this is the left flank of my infantry line
his guard killing gun crew slaughtering plastic hussars were blown and had to ride back, and the line cavalry had lost a third of its members to the flanking fire of my disorganized grenadiers


but my second guard bataillons retreated as it failed its brigade moral test.

The Cuirassiers had swung around my right flank, but were unable to launch an immediate assaultimage

so my gun turned around, and a fresh bataillons was about to wheel around to face the two units of cuirassiers (my opponent used my 16 men unit as an brigade, so we split it into two units).

His 4 pound gun could not hit my mousquetairesimage

so my cavalry was about to fall onto the rear of his armyimage

but we had to quit the game.

Damned plastic!

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