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Jan 10 15 6:32 PM

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just bought scenario books 1, 2, and 3.

I didn't receive a revised play sheets with scenario book 2 [which the cover contents says there is, there are  none in the body of the text so I presume it was two separate pages]. However there are two pages in scenario book 1 which are 'revised play sheets' are these exactly the same as the missing 'revised play sheets' I should have got with scenario book 2?

If so phew, if not can some kind person scan a copy of the 'revised play sheet [I assume two separate pages worth] for me so I can be up to date with the rules.

Also anybody seen the elusive appendix A?

Thanks in anticipation of any help.


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Jan 11 15 4:59 PM

the BD Deluxe play sheets were revised in the sense that they were not BG v1 play sheets! But you should have got them. Where did you buy your copy from? If its Caliver they should provide them. I'm not sure that I have a file of the BG Deluxe play sheets, but will dig around... The ones in the Scenario book you could look upon as a v1.1 play sheet, rather than the Deluxe one with is v2, if you get my drift...

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Jan 12 15 3:37 PM

Hi Eclaireur,

Thanks for the replies.

Got the errata.

I have got the seperate play sheet that came with the hardback GB deluxe rules as you mention to consider them Version 2 of the playsheet. i have appleid the errata to this playsheet.

However, noticed some issues on the sheets:

under CinC's change of orders:

I assume that the CinC within 12" should be after the nations entry:

Brit, French etc c-in-c within 12"          6
American pre 1779 c-in-c within 12"    7

Also CinC is graded poor -1 is missing.

Was there ever an appendix A?

Thanks for the replies.


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Jan 15 15 2:48 PM

Nigel, Appendix A was meant to be a basic points system for those wanting to do non-historical battles. I'm hoping to put that into Scenario Book 4 now - whenever that appears!

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