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Jan 24 15 10:24 PM

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Does anybody house rule the melee casualty table? The 1 per 1 for winning cavalry vs retreating or routing foot is taking the fun out of the game imho, but not only imho (see flick40 post from Jul 20 09 4:50 PM) It might be right for the polish uhlans in the battle of albuera, but that should only matter in a General de Brigade special rule for those guys.

The funny thing is: if you always play a parallel battle with infantry in the center and two cavalry wings, it just might not happen that infantry and cavalry come to grips with each other, or if the dices are unwilling the infantry will always halt the charging cav. But if the cavalry gets into close combat the chances are too good that the infantry will perish.

Cavalry bonus:
charging +2
at least +3 for anything except cossacks
(likely to outnumber, cause inf counts only 50%, so maybe +1)

inf gets +1 for being inf

so at least +4 if you charged with hussars, +6 with cuirassiers. If the cavalry wins with 1 or more, the infantry will lose with a 1 per 1 ratio.

So knowing that cavalry that falters in the attack will not face great dangers from the next volley (because of the -1 for continuous shooting , and it can´t be the first fire nor is there a bonus for shooting charging cav), the supported attack on formed infantry seems to be a very good idea.

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Jan 24 15 11:38 PM

We have done anything on casualties for infantry vs cavalry as it really hasn't been necessary. Cavalry rarely charged infantry from the front because they were usually shot up and didn't close. When they did make it in, the infantry normally were wiped. That makes the 1 for 1 historically accurate. Getting in isn't that easy. The infantry are anywhere from plus 3 to plus 8. They 2 for 1st fire (once), 2 for battalion guns (every time), 2 for shooting at charging cavalry (every time), and 2 more if they get a 6 for point blank fire. If they shot the turn before they will get the minus 1 for that. If you are getting plus 6 or 8 you should get a -4 or better to his morale roll unless you roll crappy dice.

We play that the plus 2 for support has to be a unit from the same brigade as the unit that is doing the charge.

We also play that if the infantry get a pushed back result, it does not become a retreat result but stays as pushed back. The cavalry kill 1 for 4, the infantry still kill 1 for 12.

We have had cavalry hit infantry only 3 times with 1 pushed back and 2 wipe outs. The other 4 times the cavalry didn't get in. Since most cavalry are either 16 or 20 figures, a good roll will probably cause 25 percent casualties as well for another -2 on morale.

Hope this is useful.


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Jan 25 15 12:49 AM

Yes it is very useful. I play with 18-20 figures per bataillon and without btl guns, so killing four guys is hard to do without the first fire. But I might have to reconsider the absence of those guns, more firepower might decrease total playing time as there might be a faster conclusion. I am not very happy with the -1 for shooting last turn anyway.

Getting the +2 for moral test only from units within the brigade is quite harsh imho, as the infantry brigades used to deploy their uits side by side IIRC. and Prussians used different kinds of cav in their Treffen/ battle lines.

I really like Die Kriegskunst, but using french troops it came clear even before the first game that I`m gonna use a lot of houserules LOL. So thanx for your input.


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