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Feb 8 15 10:24 PM

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The situation: a brigade of 6 battalions in line (as AFAIK in SYW the brigade in a line was the mostly used formation on the battlefield) , each of 24 15mm figures, the general in the middle so between the 3rd and 4th battalion.
The 15mm figures are based as 1 cm each and the command radius of the brigade general for morale is 20cm

As each battalion is 24*1cm/2=12cm width, how can a general influence the morale of the outer battalions of his brigade in this (imho) normal SYW formation. I don't want to use the ahistorical brigade in 2 rows of 3 battalions (that's napoleonic) and 6 battalions in a brigade can be used according to the rules. 

With 5 battaions he just can manage if there are no gaps between battalions more than 1 cm

Any solution?

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Feb 10 15 12:33 AM

If there is no second line of troops behind your brigade, you normally would not have the entire brigade in a single line. There would be one or two units in a second line as the brigade reserve. Even with a supporting line behind, there are lots of examples where the front line had a reserve.

If all units are 24 figures, you will not be able to keep all of them in command range. Too much frontage. You must have Austrians as neither the Russians or Prussians have 24 figure infantry units. Sometimes you have to use you c-I-c to keep units in command.


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Feb 10 15 12:33 AM

The brigadier is allowed to move freely within the brigade area, he only has to know where his moral support will be needed. He can´t provide moral support for the units at both ends of his brigade.


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Feb 11 15 2:20 PM

afaik, in the SYW the brigade was in one line, this was changed later when a brigade was in two lines. That's the reason for the problem.
But if you have any inormation about using 2 lines for a brigade, please let me know

that in fact was my conclusion according to the rules but I doubt that that's historical


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Feb 11 15 7:07 PM

I find it very hard to evaluate something like moral support, I mean if you are in a fire fight and within all the smoke and noise and suffering would it matter that someone is 400 m away? You would not be able to see him, can´t hear him. Might be different if Napoleon or Frederick the Great is on the battlefield, but for a moral support it should be necessary that you should notice the guy..So 12" or 20cm is actually rather generous.

And I simply don´t dare to put 6 btls in one brigade: a twelve on the dices and your whole brigade might retire or worse argh

I also would be very glad if someone can show an example of a brigade in two lines. As I play with small armies (around 9 btl ) I find it hard to use a brigade structure for my supporting line.


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