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Jul 17 15 6:33 PM

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Situation: An infantry battalion under the "To Charge" or "Being Charged" unit moral test receives a 'Retreat' or 'Rout' "Conduct 1/2 Retreat (or Rout) Move Immediately."

Reference: Page 70 paragraph 4 and 5,  IF RETREAT OR ROUT: "... Units taking Half a Retreat or Rout move will move half the fixed distance and a 1D6 roll."

Question:  Seems clear that cavalry units add the 1D6 roll, but do infantry units conducting 1/2 Retreat or Rout move add a 1D6 roll?

Comment: I have been adding the 1D6 roll to all units, including infantry units on 1/2 Retreat//Rout movement, but no 1D6 roll for infantry on full Retreat/Rout movements.  What do you do?

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Jul 18 15 2:59 PM

Paul, thank you for your response. I suspect you are correct in what was intended is not using the 1D6 roll for Infantry units in the Charge Phase, as it is not used Compulsory Phase. That is why I have a question about 1/2 Retreat and 1/2 Rout movement. However for the Charge Phase, the language on Page 70 doesn't specify that the 1D6 roll applies only to Cavalry units and not Infantry units. Again, I have been applying a strict reading of the rules. In the Compulsory Phase movement, Infantry units on a full Retreat or Rout movement do not add a 1D6 roll, but during the Charge Phase movement, Infantry units on a 1/2 Retreat or Rout movement do add the 1D6 roll.

Hopefully, Mr. Brown will clarify.

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Jul 18 15 4:22 PM

Bonsoir John,

Agree that that's what is said in the charge phase but I'm inclined to think that this was the intention.

As you say, let's hope DCR will clarify.

I used to write a lot of policy documents and manuals and it is so difficult to ensure consistancy throughout. I reckon that a good job on that has been achieved and the odd glitch, if that's what it is is unavoidable.



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Aug 1 15 4:42 PM

David Brown, if you read this thread, would you please provide your input?

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