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Jul 22 15 3:34 PM

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I am aware this has been in the pipeline for way too long. The final hurdle has been finding someone to draw the maps from sketches that are, at least in the case of my scenarios *cough* basic. A most excellent chap called Nick Buxey is now drawing them, and making good progress, so I hope it is just a matter of a month or two now…
The final line up of scenarios is as follows:
1. The Assault on Dorchester Heights, 6th March 1776.
2. Pell's Point, 18th October 1776, by Brendan Morrissey.
3. Bennington, 16th August 1777, by Brendan Morrissey.
4. Whitemarsh, 7th December 1777.
5. Briar Creek, 3rd March 1779.
6. Stono Ferry, 20th June 1779.
7. Springfield, 23rd June 1780.
8. Weitzell's Mill, 7th March 1781, by John Ingham.
9. Yorktown, the Storming of Redoubts 9 and 10, 14th October 1781. 
10. Cuddalore, 7th June 1783, by John Ingham.
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