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Jul 27 15 8:08 AM

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if i have a brigade of mixed quality, for example two line unit and one militia unit what dice i must use if the brigade break and retire ?

the rules tell 4 dice, but 4 avd ( for the two line unit) or 4d6 ?

tks, yesterday was our first game, really really good game, period feel, use of terrain, use of light troops...

we often play seven years war, are new to AWI but these rules seems really accurate, different from european linear warfare..


Mr.Francesco Di Giandomenico 
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Jul 27 15 10:09 AM

Francesco - glad you're enjoying the rules. It's a good question. You could retreat the line units by AvD and militia by D6 (with the likelihood that the brigade would break up more), or the whole lot by D6.

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