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Oct 20 15 9:40 AM

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Having recently endured a G de B game where my opponent gained the Initiative 12 times out of the 14 game turns I was wondering if anyone else gets a tad weary of a simple dice throw having what could turn out to be devastating consequences ??
Or am I just a moaner and should get on with life !!!!
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Oct 23 15 5:08 PM

Yes, you should get on with life. That is the way the dice sometimes tumble frustrating though it may seem.

I have found it only makes a significant difference for charges, notwithstanding the casualty factor.

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Oct 25 15 9:08 AM

Bonjour LRS,

I agree that it can be a pain but it's also true to life as things just happen even when not fair.

One of my chums threw 2 double-sixes in a row for firing and melee and it meant that my gallant French just collapsed.

C'est la vie as they say around here and it is true to life!



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