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Oct 21 15 3:11 PM

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Hi lads 
     Well its finally started myAWI campaign am using Liberty box game ,which is very easy to cross over to B.G .
  In the game theres a chap called swap fox (burton )  Marion ,his brigade is depicted at a cav brigade so what would you have in that brigade ?

Same for Tarleton yes i would give it a cav reg, then a 1-2 units of militia foot  ? what would you put in it? Lee  could i field 2 cav reg in that brigade as well 

each Brigade has strength rating 1-3 or 4 on some units . so in my game 1 strength point = a battalion/ regiment .

Would like to hear from you what you would put in them ..

Oh the yanks are on the back foot after losing the 1st battle, at Springfield.

happy gaming dave.v 
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Oct 21 15 10:13 PM

maybe a Tarleton brigade with two 12 fig BL cavalry elements, an 18 fig BL infantry unit, a local loyalist militia (maybe 24) and a 3pdr? Marion you could configure similarly but maybe allow a mounted infantry element instead of the BL infantry

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