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Jan 3 16 8:32 PM

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I was looking at the subject scenario.  There are references under Reinforcement to "the right half of the table" and "Point A", under Special Rules to "Point B", and under Terrain to "the eastern end of Dorchester Heights".  The map does not indicate which way is north, nor are there any points labeled "A" or "B".

WRT "the right half of the table", assuming that means with the booklet held sideways so the writing is right-side-up and the "Dorchester Heights" label is in the bottom right, does "the right half of the table" mean that Jones' Brigade can land on the "bottom" shore, as long as it's on "the right half of the table"?  Or is Jones' Brigade only allowed to land on the "top" (north?) shore?
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Feb 26 16 12:18 PM

codiver, I'm sorry about the long delay in replying as well as the omissions and confusion surrounding the Dorchester scenario.
Point A: yes the Dorchester Road
Point B: the batteries in Boston are to the north of the battle area, i.e. the centre top of the table shown in the diagram.

Yes, you could land Jones on the 'bottom right' of the table if you want.

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