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Feb 17 16 3:37 PM

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Afternoon Lads .
     Am playing in two Campaign at the moment one being AWI (B.G ) which is very chilled out  (only two of us) smiley: happy the defender sets up and the attacker pick the side and might move a few things but in general we set it up together ..

 The other is a North Africa WW2  (P.G )game which might be a bit harder as there are more players involved and  little terrain on table so placing pieces on the table might count for a lot in the game.
Not sure how we are going to do it yet but we have a game next week so any pointers would not go a miss ,i think a random roll on the dice for the terrain would be ok but  you can get some odd battlefields  turn up .

Any way will work on it smiley: smile If any of you chaps have any ideals for placing the terrain I would love to hear from you .

Happy gaming LR
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Feb 20 16 8:40 AM

Hi VH,
if not using a historical scenario, I try to have something that appears to be a military objective (beyond crushing one's opponent). Having a force imbalance is a good starting point.
The scenario might be:
a) an opposed river crossing;
b) defending a town/village at a key cross-roads;
c) a fighting withdrawal;
d) a flank guard under pressure etc.
Agree the military objective for both sides.
Let the weaker opponent set up the terrain, and then roll or compare scouting points (light cavalry, local militia, or light infantry ) to see who sets up first.

Hope that prompts some thought. Good luck.


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May 18 16 6:07 PM

What I have done now is: went through my BG and GdB scenario books ( what a great books they are )copied some of the  maps out on to A3 paper 

The attacker pick 5 random maps , He then gives the defender 3 maps and the defender then has to pick 1 to fight on .. and he calls dibbs  on the side he set up on 

No player can deploy troops 12" from the side and both side can set up 18" in . 

This weekend we have got the battlefield of princeton  1777 

With brigades of Riedesel, - Khyphausen - Heister _Simcoe (cav ) and Ferguson Loyalist !     10 bn of germans   2nd line 1st time on the field  3 reg cav , 3 bn loyalist.

Against them and Attacking 
  Washington -  with Brigades Greene ,- Arnold - Lafayette- Morgans - Putnam (militia ) -swamp fox Burton -    8 bn line ,, 3 bn 2nd  line , morgans 1 elite 2 line  , 4 militia  ,2 cav 2nd line ..

Please note that greene and arnold are now classed as Line due to there out standing actions at Quebec and the battle of New Brunswick where they Stopped Mathews Guard brigade (with the help of Morgans brigade smiley: happy

happy gaming dave.v 


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Jul 10 16 12:19 PM

Although I am not a gamer (but it is always interesting to hear what you guys want to know about), isn't the answer to pick a logical spot where two armies might meet and use google Earth?

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Jul 11 16 9:58 PM

We  could but i think we might come a cropper on a few things ,

1) we dont have the internet at the club hall .
2) I think it would take me more time to get the  pc out, fire her  up , , zoom down on  a spot and work out the scale where each side is ect .and i just dont like these machines !  , 
3)dont think  google earth goes back to 1777 ? smiley: happy
So far the campaign is running well with the maps on  the cards ,Its fast and easy  and its nice to play on Battlefields with other troops and even different sides of the table ,

Am Thinking of putting a few ACW battlefield cards in the deck so if any of you could give me some pointers on good battlefields that would be nice ,I know very little about the ACW this way it gets me to look up the history of the battle ,
happy gaming  dave 

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