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Mar 31 16 9:46 AM

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On Easter Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited over to take part in a days Napoleonic gaming run by the Falkirk Wargames Club. 2 games were on the the go simultaneously. I've done a wee video and blog post regarding Table No.1 (hopefully I'll get the pics and video sorted for Table No.2 pretty soon). You may well have seen the pics over on Facebook, if so I apologise 😉

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Mar 31 16 10:04 AM

Hi Paul,

Brilliant video of what looks a very pretty game, shame it's a draw in some respects. Lots of happy faces too.

You missed an opportunity with the sound track, "Lets Start a War!" or "Give me Fire!" might have been fun.

Cheers for sharing. Best wishes,



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Mar 31 16 1:19 PM

Ha thanks Jeremy, yeah I think most viewers would have hit stop within a couple of secs of Wattys fine vocals? 🤔 Glad you enjoyed the battle, I was on the other table but it sounded to be a whole lotta fun. Awe ra best Paul

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Apr 2 16 10:02 PM

Thanks for taking the time to view Shaun, was great to see everyone's troops on the 2 tables and get the dice rolling again. Only had the phone with so couldn't do much with the video, just pieced it together later with pics, still it's a good record of the day's events.
Well done with your blow by blow report, was good fun to read. If I have more time after the next game I'll try and put some info in the page.


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