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Apr 10 16 10:02 AM

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Hello All,

I have some 15mm Brunswick Generals to paint, but, apart from a couple of painted figures online, cannot find any good uniform references.

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Many Thanks,

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Jan 6 17 8:31 PM

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the delay in replying (hope you still frequent here!).  In broad terms, Brunswick generals followed the Prussian practice of wearing the uniform of the regiment of which they were "inhaber" or "chef".  The three German general officers serving under Burgoyne were Riedesel (who had his own regiment), Specht (ditto), and Gall (who was CO of the Hesse Hanau regiment Erbprinz).  The uniforms of these regiments can be found in Mollo/McGregor, or on the Perry website, in the article on the Germans at Saratoga.

Hope that helps.


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